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Can I try this for a month?

Yes! We offer the ability to trial a 1 month period with any of our online hosted services. You will have to pay for 1 month instead of a year up front and a setup fee may still apply if you wish to get assistance with setting up a domain or mailboxes for users.

Can you set this up for me?

Yes! We offer a service at the time of purchase to migrate and setup your domain and DNS records to get you going. We will charge per mailbox and user for the migration, a quotation can be requested before purchase by emailing:

How does payment work?

At the time of purchase you will be invoiced and billed for a 1 year period of the service you decide to proceed with. We accept payments via: Debit / Credit Card, Paypal, BACS and Direct Debit.

If you are an international customer outside of the United Kingdom you will be billed based on your local currency.

Will the monthly prices ever change?

Prices may change according to Microsoft’s pricing terms. You will be charged the same price for the year you purchase the service, if the price changes during or afterwards you will be billed the new price on the following years renewal. (An Email will be sent about the price adjustment before renewal)

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! All of the services listed above are billed annually. This means you have access to the service for 1 year, a 1 month notice period for cancelling any services is required before the expiriation date.

Is this only for UK customers?

No! We love working with everyone. We offer our online hosted services for ALL international customers. For example if you are based in the United States you will be billed in Dollars, or if you are in the EU you will be billed in Euros!

Can I pay for more than 1 year in advance?

Yes! If you would like to renew for longer than a 1 year period we can do anything from 1 year to 10 years depending on your requirements and budget. A discount may also be available depending on the amount of years you decide to purchase at the time.

Does this include technical support?

Yes! If you have any problems, questions or queries about any of the products or services listed above, please email us directly via: or by calling: 07850 498139. We also offer support via Whatsapp and Skype.

If you are an internation customer and based outside of the United Kingdom don’t worry! We can also assist remotely!

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