Samsung’s flagship NVMe SSD, the 990 Pro, has been hit by a health-hindering plague that has seen many users turn to the Internet in disgust as their costly SSD drops in health scores in a short space of time.

A reduction in health, which has already been noted by a number of different users without necessarily filling the entire drive, would result in a reduction in capacity, rendering the 1TB and 2TB SSDs unusable in their entirety.

In a statement, the company it, “stands behind the quality of its SSDs, including the new NVMe M.2 SSD 990 PRO.” However, it acknowledged that it was aware of some cases of deteriorating health, and promised to be investigating.

Samsung 990 Pro SSD fix

The company is yet to make an official announcement or release any update to remedy the 990 Pro’s problem, however one moderator on Samsung’s community page did indicate that a fix is on its way – imminently. 

In response to a user who reported a 4% decrease in health over a two-month period, AlwinS said:

“The behavior has already reached the colleagues from the development department. The suspicious symptoms are currently being investigated and you will be informed if there is any progress. If you experience any inconvenience while using the Samsung 990 PRO, we apologize.”

DavidB, another moderator on the forum, commented that Samsung’s technicians had been able to recreate the error “under certain conditions of use”, indicating that a potential problem has been isolated.

DavidB continues: “To fix the problem, Samsung is expected to release a firmware update in February.”

While many have complained that the reputable brand has let them down, it’s clear that Samsung remains committed to servicing its customers with this particular turnaround expected to be around a month from first notification to patch. For now, though, 990 Pro users will just have to hold on and wait.

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